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Luxury Shares is a luxury property crowdfunded platform that provides fractional ownership for luxury property throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America.

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Luxury Shares Copy

What we are doing:

The client’s idea was to create a tropical/luxury vibe to entice users to want to register and see more about the property investments. Since there’s an investment flow in place, we decided to build the platform with LenderKit – an in-house developed crowdfunding software. The front-end part is powered with WordPress which provides a very convenient way for content and user management.


Luxury Shares will be more than just a property investment platform. Investors can calculate the share prices, see the cheapest flights to the property, and buy shares in Bitcoins. Escrow accounts and KYC/AML checks are managed with MangoPay, and there is a bunch of other third-party systems implemented for things like e-signature and two-factor authentication.

Technical details:

  • HTML/CSS, WordPress
  • Laravel
  • MangoPay
  • LenderKit
  • KYC/AML checks
  • SMS verification
  • Electronic signatures
  • Tracking of ads traffic