How we work

In order to be the most cost-effective service, we offer several collaboration models depending on your project size and specific requirements.

Here’s an insight into our process and approach to working on your product.

Cooperation models

Cooperation models

If you’re building a product from the ground up or scaling an existing solution that requires ongoing development, we recommend getting a dedicated team. You can manage the team yourself or let us do it for you.

Time and material

This model is great for smaller projects up to 3 months when there’s a quite defined scope of work. You still get a team together with a project manager and a QA specialist, however, you only pay for the hours spent and can stop whenever you wish.

What happens when you get in touch with us

Our mission is to find out everything about the solution you are looking to build, suggest the right approach, come up with estimation and move forward with the development of your product. Here’s a closer look at our process.



The first person you will communicate with is a Business Development Manager who is most likely to offer an introductory call. The call is always about you: we want to know everything from your business needs and challenges to what brightens up your day.


There’s no actual deliverable at this stage. You will learn more about our process and we will get a better idea about your product. If we have enough information, we’ll provide you with a ballpark estimate and you can decide whether you want to proceed further.



Our business analyst will work closely with you to clarify how exactly your product will work, what features are essential, and whether there’s anything that you could have missed or overlooked regarding functional or non-functional requirements.


A functional specification with a feature list, user stories, diagrams, and basic wireframes.


UX/UI design

At this stage, your product will start materialising in the form of high-fidelity prototypes. We’ll do competitor research, create a sitemap, design user experience and user flows. Based on these findings and usability best practices, the designer will create a user interface along with additional screens for mobile and tablet.


A fully designed product that includes all pages, mobile and tablet screens, and a style guide that will help the developers implement the interface exactly the way it was designed.


Product development

This is when the development team kicks off. We’ll start working on front-end and back-end implementation by splitting the scope of work into sprints. Every sprint is 2 weeks long and you’ll get a demo of features implemented on a regular basis. We incorporate quality assurance throughout the whole process, although there’s always the final testing before the product launch.


A fully functional product.


UPost-launch support and maintenance

We love to see how the products we build evolve further, and our team will be happy to continue working on new features and making your product better with each release.

What helps us organise our collaboration effectively


Tell us a bit about your idea. We’ll get back
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